AQu-gen Biocellulose mask pack

The key point of the AQu-gen Biocellulose Mask Pack lies in its sheet.
This natural fermented sheet contains microorganisms fermented from natural coconut ingredients. This highly water-friendly sheet can absorb moisture that is about 100 times its own weight.

This sterile, nontoxic sheet is also a very eco-friendly and safe product. This sheet perfectly adheres even to the smallest curves of the skin so that its content can be absorbed effectively into the skin without running.

The mask pack concentrate contains conchiolin, a natural peptide substance separated from pearl shells that uses an advanced biotechnology technology, which effectively penetrates into the skin and provides nutrition. It also contains Limonia acidissima (Thanakha) extract, a natural substance that helps strengthen skin elasticity, as well as marine collagen that help keep skin healthy.
Moreover, it contains glucosamine, which helps reduce wrinkles through interaction with niacinamide, a whitening ingredient approved by the Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW), together with adenosine, an antiwrinkle ingredient also recognized by MOHW. This product takes care of your skin with three-in-one (whitening, antiwrinkle, and moisturizing) effects.