(Anti-ageing night cream)

This perfect combination of ingredients from three plants growing deep inside forests delivers antiaging and firming effects. Dry skin ages faster. That’s why moisturizing is a simple, yet the most effective antiaging method. The perfect ingredients from three forest plants help “supply and maintain moisture.”

  1. Ingredients from lichen and thaliana plants inhabiting extreme environments, such as arctic and alpine areas, maintain moisture in skin membranes.
  2. Ingredients from moss plants growing in a humid environment retain moisture by absorbing water 20 to 30 times their size.
  3. Ingredients from sweet ferns create a skin barrier that can strengthen protective functions as well as maintain moisture by creating a new film on the skin.

In addition, pearl protein extract with whitening effects and caviar extract that helps strengthen the skin are added to create a perfect cream. This is also a dual-purpose whitening and wrinkle care product approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.