( Moisturizing & Whitening cream)

Keep your skin hydrated for 48 hours.
For the skin’s appearance, barrier functions (skin lipids and cell membranes) , and firmness, which indicates youthfulness, the skin’s moisture content is a crucial factor.
Dry stress (dry air and environmental factors) attacks and irritates the skin as well as accelerates skin aging. MIRAMAZE stabilizes the skin’s lipid layers by protecting the skin cells and restoring their original moisture. The resurrection plant, which grows in South Africa, can revive even after they got completely dry thanks to their high resistance against dehydration. It can also generate protein and protect skin cells by minimizing dry stress after detecting the moisture content of the skin.
On top of this excellent resurrection plant, pearl protein extract and caviar extract are also added to further lock moisture in the skin.
This is also a dual-purpose whitening and wrinkle care product approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.